"Improving the quality of life and choices for our Young People"
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The Apollo Youth Club is committed to providing projects that cater for the needs of all its users. We are working with young people to promote self confidence and positive self image.
Apollo Youth Club Achievements

1971 - Apollo Club established
1972 - Search for Permanent accommodation began
1974 - Launch of Holiday Playscheme
1975 - Legal Advice service set up
1976 - Saturday School Set up
1978 - Launch of "Cultural Week"
1982 - Identified building in Mount pleasant
1983 - Refurbishment of building by volunteers/supporters
            Launch of holiday care Club (Easter/Summer)
            Lending Library established
1984 - First Production of Black History Calendar
1986 - Partnership with Berkshire Secondary Schools -
            Development of Black History Package
            Launch of After school Club
1988 - Purchase of minibus (money raised through funding raising activities)
1990 - Visit to Centre by mayor of San Francisco Libre Nicaragua
1994 - Launch of Half Term Care Club
1995 - Launch of Homework Club
1996 - Celebrated 25 years
1997 - Launch of major building refurbishment
1998 - Projects continued
2006 - Opening of new Centre.
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